Crew at Ebola home steps into national spotlight


DALLAS (AP) — The Fort Worth, Texas, company Cleaning Guys has dealt with hazardous spills. It has cleared bloody crime scenes, including some that involved HIV.

But Garrett Eison, the company’s operations manager, said he was initially anxious when the company agreed to take on a job others were hesitant to do: cleaning up the Dallas apartment where an Ebola patient stayed.

“This is definitely something that would make you a little more nervous,” Eison said, though he added that because he knew his company was prepared, “I don’t feel worried about it.”

Eison was part of a 15-member crew that spent four days at the apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan stayed when he began showing Ebola-related symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. They wore protective suits with gas masks as they filled about 140 barrels with items from the home for incineration, including mattresses, the patient’s sheets and the entire apartment’s carpet.

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