Confined Space

Cleaning Out A Confined Space
No Space is Too Small

claus·tro·pho·bia noun ˌklȯs-trə-ˈfō-bē-ə

: a fear of being in closed or small spaces

: an unhappy or uncomfortable feeling caused by being in a situation that limits or restricts you

Most folks are uncomfortable with being confined in close quarters. Not true of Cleaning Guys workers.
Hazardous waste spills have no boundaries. They seep and creep into small spaces, and like water, can migrate anywhere. No job is complete until ALL of the hazardous material is removed and disposed of properly and the professionals at CG Environmental – Cleaning Guys know this.

When a hazardous waste accident has placed you in a tight spot, CG Environmental – Cleaning Guys will go in and get you out.

(Biohazard cleaning)

(Environmental cleaning)