Flooding / Water Damage / Restoration

Soaking Up Water and Restoring Water Damaged Material

The most important part of cleaning after a flood is removing the water as quickly as possible. The longer the water remains, and water damaged areas go untreated, the worse it gets.

It is imperative to have trained professionals and CG Environmental – Cleaning Guys technicians are trained to remove all moisture from carpets, flooring and walls.

The water is extracted using powerful truck-mounted vacuums. Commercial grade air movers are strategically placed to maximize airflow, and industrial strength dehumidifiers pull the evaporated moisture created by the air movers. Without these powerful tools moisture can remain trapped within wall cavities, cabinetry, wood flooring and carpeting.

Our technicians will monitor moisture levels using specially designed meters to determine the extent of the moisture saturation. Once moisture levels have been brought to normal levels, the drying equipment is removed

(Biohazard cleaning)

(Environmental cleaning)