Keeping Texans Healthy

Hospitals need to be kept clean. Everyone knows the importance of that statement.

Waste generated by health care activities include a broad range of materials:

  • Used needles and syringes

  • Soiled dressings

  • Decontamination / Disinfecting of contaminated areas and items

  • decontamination of infectious disease?

  • Diagnostic samples

  • Blood

  • Chemicals

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Medical devices

  • Radioactive materials

Hospital waste risks polluting the environment. Poor management of health care waste potentially exposes health care workers, waste handlers, patients and the community at large to infection, toxic effects and injuries. It is essential that all medical waste materials are segregated at the point of generation, appropriately treated and disposed of safely.

Call on the CG Environmental – Cleaning Guys team to handle your hospital’s hazardous waste needs.

(Biohazard cleaning)

(Environmental cleaning)