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 CG Environmental-Cleaning Guys is driven by and dedicated to providing exemplary hazardous material cleanup and emergency response services. We have earned an exceptional reputation throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Houston, Austin and San Antonio areas that allow our company to continue to evolve and set new industry standards. CG Environmental can execute a variety of services, including but not limited to 24/7/365 emergency response, hazmat services, spill management, industrial cleaning, bio-hazard cleaning services for industrial, commercial and individuals, confined space cleaning, entry, and rescue.

As a company we strive to keep our carbon footprint as light as possible; therefore, utilizing environmentally-friendly disposal methods is a priority. Unlike other emergency response companies depending mainly on granular absorbent and brooms, which requires an exorbitant amount of man power and hours, our teams utilize state of the art equipment providing exceptional results. Erick McCallum has revolutionized the industry with our patented and proprietary system called ‘The Annihilator’, which can clean an area measuring 8’x50’ in 30 seconds; this equipment not only removes the hazard from the hard surface, it simultaneously recovers the waste water by using a combination of high-heat and high-pressure to remove the hydrocarbons from the surface. 

Each team member of CG Environmental-Cleaning Guys is fully trained and certified to respond, assess, and complete the list of services offered. Due to law enforcement and emergency response performance, and standards being ingrained in our core personnel, our team members individually and as a whole, possess and act with the same mentality. The safety of our clients, respondents, and surroundings is our number one priority.

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