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New Branch in Northern California Offering Environmental Cleanup Services

November 20, 2020

CG Environmental (the “Cleaning Guys”) has announced the opening of a new branch to serve the Northern California environmental services market. With this new location, CG Environmental will brings its proprietary and patented environmental emergency response and cleaning systems to the region. The new branch will be in Sacramento, and will allow CG to reach most of the greater Bay Area, providing services that include emergency response, biohazard cleaning, waste disposal, industrial cleaning, and other field services.

Heading up the new location is Chris Waters, who joins CG Environmental after running his own environmental services company in Texas, and then working in the environmental industry in Northern California for the past two years. “I am very excited to bring CG’s industry leading equipment to the Bay area and give California companies, cities, and government agencies services that will help better clean and sustain the environment”, said Waters.

CG Environmental (aka the “Cleaning Guys”) is a full-service environmental company headquartered in Fort Worth TX, with multiple locations in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Its main services include emergency response, hazardous waste disposal, industrial and biohazard (including COVID-19) cleaning, vacuum truck services, Roll-off services, confined space operations, and petroleum services. CG’s patented and proprietary “Annihilator” trucks and handheld units clean spills and get roads and facilities open 15 times faster than with the traditional method of using oil absorbent (“Kitty Litter”), and have the ability to clean 800 square foot per minute on a hard surface.