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The Cleaning Guys offer a wide variety of service offerings to keep your facility clean, safe and compliant.  CG Environmental advanced service and cleaning equipment is designed to handle a broad spectrum of services with state of the art equipment, designed to keep your needs and requirements in mind. With an arsenal of equipment that ranges from meeting FDA standards, to our patented recovery equipment, and a team with safety first, we aim to be the premier brand for environmental cleaning when it comes to commercial facilities.

Our services are:

· Air Duct Cleaning

· Rafter Cleaning

· Emergency Spill Response

· Mold, Spore and Dust Treatment

· Silo Power Washing and Dry Cleaning

· Food Grade Services

· Forklift Charging Stations (Acid Neutralization)

· Pit Cleaning / CSE

· Surface Stain Remediation (Rust Stain Removal, Hydrocarbon Stain, All Paint Removal, Glue Removal, etc.)

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