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Catastrophic Emergency Response Team Near You

Hurricane season is upon us, and as such, you may need an emergency response team to help you and your business. CG CG Environmental, an EnviroServe Company service the gulf states of Texas and Louisiana to assist you with hurricane relief and cleanup. Our disaster recovery teams are ready to help you at a moment’s notice with 24/7 response. Our teams work efficiently and tirelessly to help you get back to normal after a dangerous storm. The first 72 hours after a hurricane or other natural disaster are critical for recovery time, whether you’re in need of disaster clean up, or trying to reopen your business after such a disaster. We are here to help you to mitigate the damage, contamination, or clean up and remove any hazardous material. Call us immediately for 24/7 emergency hurricane response.

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Why Speed is Important

After a dangerous storm and severe weather, hurricanes can cause flooding, fires, wind damage, and water source contamination that can lead to all kinds of health problems if not addressed immediately.  Often times water supplies are contaminated with fuel, oils, and sometimes caustic chemicals when water tables rise, due to disasters such as a hurricane. It’s imperative to begin the cleanup process as soon as possible to prevent additional damage and danger to people and property. Remember, your safety comes first. Property can be restored and recovered – lives cannot.

Our Fast & Efficient Disaster Cleanup Process

Time is always of the essence when it comes to disaster relief. After you call us, we’ll get one of our many contractor teams out to you. We’ll discuss your concerns and get a better idea of the damage to your business, or commercial or industrial facility. During that time, we’ll complete a full assessment of your property to make sure there isn’t any critical damage or potential risks or issues. Depending on the severity of the damage and contamination, we will do what is needed to expedite the process. We’ll begin cleaning up your property, mitigating contaminated water sources, removing any hazardous materials, and helping you get back to normal. This includes sanitizing every square foot of your commercial or industrial facility. Call us if you have a biohazard issue, need emergency spill response, soil remediation, a vac or recovery truck, or need our petroleum mitigation services.

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Call Right Away for Hurricane Emergency Clean-up Response

CG Environmental, an EnviroServe Company helps commercial and industrial companies, as well as families with all types of hazardous situations, from soil or water contamination, oil tank ruptures, and sizes with emergency hurricane response. With years of experience in hazardous waste removal and cleanup, we’re more than prepared to help with hurricane cleanup and relief. Our teams work efficiently for you through emergency preparedness and disaster recovery. We’ll help you get back on your feet quickly and affordably. We are the environmental solution for emergency spill response, soil remediation, petroleum mitigation services, contaminated water supplies, and fuel tanks. Call us today for 24/7 response.

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24-Hour Response