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Meet Our Team Leaders

CG Environmental, an EnviroServe Company could not provide the level of service expected without our hard-working team. Our staff is the foundation for our company and we are thankful for each and every team member. From the office staff to the field technicians, our team strives to accomplish our goal, which is to put customer service back into our industry. CG is about transparency and maintaining a close working relationship with one another and our clients. Leading by example is our owner’s philosophy; which is expected to be upheld amongst our leadership team.


Erick McCallum

Owner and CEO

RJ Schwartz

Chief Operating Officer

Laura McCallum

Contract Administrator

Sandy Esterday

HR/Office Manager

Abby Holovach

Waste/Compliance Manager

Heath Stock

Chief Financial Officer

Casey Ray

Accounts Payable Associate

Dennis Auldridge

VP Corporate Development

John Abbs

Director of Operations

Heather Johnson

Director of Finance and Accounting

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