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Rail Car Cleaning in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, & Missouri

Professionals in Train Rail Car Inspections & Cleanings

When you need your train rail cars spotless and entirely safe for transporting waste and other freight materials, CG Environmental – The Cleaning Guys is ready to help you. We employ highly skilled teams of professionals that provide industry-leading rail car services in Texas, Colorado, Missouri, and our new branch in Tulsa, OK. Our safe and efficient cleaning, inspection, and hazardous waste disposal services ensure your operation gets timely results without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.

There’s a rising demand for rail cars that transport many hazardous materials, such as gasoline, oil, and caustic chemicals. As the need for transport grows, so does the demand for effective rail car cleaning services. The methods required to perform rail car cleanings present a significant amount of safety issues, including working with limited, confined space in a hazardous environment and extended cleaning durations that can cause delays. Because of our training and experience, we are uniquely qualified to complete each project with the highest level of care and efficacy.

Now Serving Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Our new Tulsa facility is open for business! Our new home in Tulsa, Oklahoma allows us to continue expanding our reach in the rail car industry and amplifying our influence to serve clients across the country. It’s the same great company our customers love! We are proud to bring our tenured experience and unparalleled service to the great city of Tulsa. Get in touch with our new Tulsa branch today! Or reach out for Rail Car Cleaning at any of our locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Colorado.

Our Patented Cleaning Process

CG Environmental – The Cleaning Guys use an advanced and innovative rail car cleaning system designed to drastically reduce waste volumes and cleansing durations, all thanks to a proprietary vapor phase injection application. We believe safe and effective rail car cleaning is vital to ensuring we maintain regulatory compliance. Rail cars with hardened materials, higher hazard contamination, and other hard-to-clean conditions are our specialty!

Our patented cleaning system can be applied to many challenging circumstances, including hardened, sludgy waste, PCB-contaminated rail cars, and train cars with highly-concentrated or off-spec chemicals. Remaining compliant is an essential aspect of our services, so we always perform our cleaning process according to industry guidelines. Our clients get the comprehensive service they need, from rail car cleaning and waste disposal to thorough inspections. When you partner with CG, your railroad fleet will be in the qualified and talented hands of rail car service professionals.

Cleanings, Inspections, & Hazardous Waste Disposal

As trained and experienced rail car service experts, CG Environmental makes every project an opportunity to exhibit our commitment to exceptional cleaning, inspections, and disposing of hazardous materials. Our comprehensive rail car services include:

  • Transportation to Rail Car Cleaning Facilities
  • Mobile Rail Car Cleaning
  • Detergent Washes
  • Internal Scrub & External Wash
  • Waste Profiling
  • Waste Transportation & Disposal in Company-Owned Facilities
  • Tanker & Hopper Cleaning Services for all of the following:
    • Sand Cleaning
    • Food-Grade Products Cleaning
    • Crude Oil Cleaning
    • Asphalt Cleaning
    • Hot Water Washes
    • Hydro-Blasting
    • Steam Washes
    • Diesel Washes

Trained & Qualified Experience at Your Service

The train rail car teams at CG Environmental are certified in every aspect of our business, from precise inspections to detailed cleaning and hazardous waste disposal. Our extensive training includes – but is not limited to – the following:

  • High-Pressure Water Training
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Specific OSHA C Substance Training

Get the Rail Car Service You Need Today

Let our proficient crews at CG Environmental provide prompt, results-driven service on your rail cars, including a dynamic range of cleaning options, meticulous inspections, and safe waste disposal. We value your trust in our company and go the extra mile to make your satisfaction our top priority. Keep your fleet moving safely and efficiently with the ultimate environmental solution At CG Environmental. Contact us to schedule our rail car services today!

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