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Frequently Asked Questions About Disaster Relief

In terms of disaster aid, time is always of importance. We’ll send one of our numerous contractor teams to you when you contact us. We’ll talk about your issues and determine the extent of the harm to your company, commercial property, or industrial site. We will thoroughly inspect your property at that period to make sure there are no serious damages, hazards, or problems. Depending on the extent of the pollution and damage, we will take the necessary steps to speed up the procedure. We’ll start to work clearing your property of debris, containing any polluted water sources, getting rid of any dangerous objects, and assisting you in returning to normal. This involves cleaning every square inch of your industrial or commercial space.

Of course, with disaster relief comes questions and concerns. We’re here to help answer those questions. If you need our services, call us immediately. The first few hours of disaster relief are incredibly important to safety and our ability to save and preserve your property.

What Damages Can Natural Disasters Cause?

A severe and unexpected weather-related incident is referred to as a natural disaster. They frequently hit without notice, causing casualties as well as damage to property. Utility services may be challenging to restore, and containment procedures may fail during the incident. Hazardous substances can harm the environment if they are discharged.

The majority of natural catastrophes that occur in the southeast and south-central regions of the United States, where CG Environmental Cleaning Guys works, take the shape of hurricanes, windstorms, floods, and tornadoes. Because damage may be so severe, it’s essential to establish a working connection with a company that is familiar with your industry and can offer quick disaster recovery services.

We work primarily with:


Hurricanes can create significant, extensive damage and are dangerous. Storm surges, rip currents, and hazardous floods frequently add to the initial destruction brought on by strong winds and heavy rain. Wind may rip away structures, machinery can be knocked over, and floods might overwhelm containment measures.


Flooding may be caused by a storm surge, hurricane damage, weakened levees, or overflowing streams. Equipment that is vulnerable should be relocated to higher elevations, and there should be preparations made to safely pump water out of buildings.


What should I do after a hurricane passes?

The best and most advised course of action during a storm is to seek shelter. A room in your home with no or few windows would be the best location.

People who are confined indoors for days due to a hurricane may become anxious and start to walk around or attempt to leave the area as soon as the storm appears to be subsiding or is over.

Therefore, it is wise to refrain from doing anything risky just after a storm. Wait until you hear an official “all clear” announcement before leaving your home.

Avoid attempting to drive or explore the area to assess the damage.

Avoid interacting with any low-hanging wires or trees that are near power lines.

Keep a watch out for any potentially unstable buildings near your building, such as porches.

Who do I call to report damages?

The first actions to take are to contact your insurance provider and to request the help of experts. Skilled specialists will clean, sterilize, and deodorize the majority of materials that would seem to be irrecoverable, whether cleaned on-site or packaged and cleaned later in a controlled setting.

How long does cleanup take?

Cleaning up after structural damage to a home can take some time; it is preferable to hire specialists to handle this.

Typically, a hurricane cleanup takes 24 to 48 hours to complete.

When will I be able to get back into my home/business?

This will depend on the type of damage. If you have water damage, it’s important to run dehumidifiers to avoid mold and mildew development. We will help you assess the damage on our initial arrival, giving you a timeframe to allow you to get back to your life.

When are you available for cleanup?

It’s crucial to have a firm you can trust for prompt, efficient home or business repair after a natural disaster. We are here for you around-the-clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year, prepared for your disaster so you may pick up the pieces and resume your usual life.

What should I do to avoid personal harm?

It might be challenging to practice good hygiene during cleanup efforts after a significant flood. Washing your hands with soap and running water is crucial to preventing waterborne illness, especially before breaks for lunch and at the conclusion of the workday. Unless expressly stated as safe by local or state authorities, workers should presume that any water in flooded or nearby regions is not safe. Use bottled water, water that has been boiled for at least 10 minutes, or water that has been chemically disinfected if there is no clean water supply available for washing.

What services do you offer?

CG Environmental Cleaning Guys has a wide range of experience in emergency response to, and recovery from natural disasters. We have the resources and expertise to offer quick assistance in the case of a hurricane, tornado, floods, or any other disaster. Included in our emergency and recovery services are:

  • Transformer leak cleanup
  • Buried utility disinfection
  • Transformer restoration and installation
  • Vacuum and soft digging
  • Transportation and disposal of hazardous and nonhazardous material
  • Solids and liquids services for vacuum trucks and tankers
  • Water and fuel delivery
  • Removing debris
  • Pumping at a high and low volume

24/7 Emergency Response

With all types of hazardous circumstances, such as soil or water pollution, oil tank ruptures, and sizes of emergency storm responses, CG Environmental aids businesses, industries, and people. We are more than ready to assist with storm cleaning and relief thanks to our years of experience in hazardous waste collection and cleanup. Our specialists provide effective emergency response and catastrophe recovery services for you. We’ll assist you in swiftly and economically getting back on your feet. For emergency spill response, soil cleanup, petroleum mitigation services, tainted water sources, and fuel tanks, we are the environmental answer. Contact us right away for a 24/7 response.