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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can a broken thermometer or light bulb cause mercury poisoning?

A) Small amounts are most likely to not cause problems, however, if you breathe in mercury vapor it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and cause symptoms such as- a cough, breathlessness, chest pains, feeling irritable and nervous, shaking, coughing up blood, breathing difficulties.

Q) Where can I dispose of misc. household hazardous wastes (HHW), such as paint or gardening chemicals?

A) Some major municipalities have facilities to accept these types of waste for residents. If your community does not, please contact us to get a calendar of HHW events that we participate in.

Q) What are some common materials that take a long time to degrade?

A) According to the Department of Energy, diapers take 500-600 years, styrofoam cups take 1 million years or more, and aluminum cans take 200-500 years.

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